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A Career as a Seafarer: Challenges and Hardships

Diving into the life of a seafarer, exploring the unique challenges, skills needed, and the impact on personal lives that come with a maritime career.

The Role of an Oiler (or Motorman) on ships

Explore the pivotal role, responsibilities, and challenges of an Oiler in the maritime industry. Learn about their career path, certifications, and more.

A Comprehensive Guide to a Fitter's Role on Ships

Discover the Fitter/Welder's responsibilities, career progression, required certifications, salary, and more in our detailed guide.

Pumpman: The Hero of Tanker Operations

Dive deep into the challenging world of a Pumpman on tankers, their roles, responsibilities, career path, and salary.

Deck Cadet: Responsibilities, Career Path & Salary

Learn about a Deck Cadet's roles, training, career progression, and the impact of technology on this pivotal maritime role.

Understanding the Role of an Able Seaman: Key Responsibilities & Career Path

Explore the role, responsibilities, and career path of an Able Seaman. Get insights into certifications, challenges, regulations, salary, and more.

Understanding the Role of a Messman on a Cargo Ship

Explore the role and responsibilities of a Messman in a cargo ship's galley department. Challenges, career paths, and a Messman's place in the industry.

Engine Cadet: In-depth Look at Role, Challenges & Salary

Discover the fascinating journey of an Engine Cadet in the maritime world. Learn about their roles, training, challenges, and career progression.

Unveiling the Role of an ETO/Electrician in Maritime Industry

Dive into the world of an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) on a ship - responsibilities, career paths, challenges, and more.

Exploring the Role of the Bosun (Boatswain)

Dive into the demanding role of a Bosun, their responsibilities, career path, impact of technology, compliance with regulations and the job market trends.

Role & Responsibilities of a Third Engineer at Sea

Explore the demanding and diverse role of a Third Engineer on a cargo ship. From operational duties to career progression, get an in-depth understanding.

Guide: Who is the Chief Officer on a ship?

Learn about the Chief Officer's role, including responsibilities, required certifications, career path, daily challenges and salary

The Comprehensive Guide to the Role of an Ordinary Seaman

Explore the responsibilities, training requirements, and professional development opportunities of an Ordinary Seaman in the maritime industry.

Understanding the Role of a Chief Cook at Sea

Explore the vital responsibilities, required certifications, and career progression opportunities of a Chief Cook aboard a merchant vessel.

Second Engineer: Vital Insights into Salary & Responsibilities

Dive into our comprehensive guide on the second engineer's role on board, key responsibilities, career progression, and salary insights.

Your Seafarer Resume, and our Auto-CV Generator

How to build a good seafarer resume and how to use our Auto CV Generator. Create your professional seafarer CV in PDF format, for free.

Seafarer Guides: Second Officer Salary & Career Path

Get an in-depth understanding of a Second Officer's role, responsibilities, career progression, and salary range.

A Sea Captain's Career, Salary & Shore Opportunities

Dive into the world of sea captains! Discover career paths, day-to-day duties, salary insights, on-board responsibilities, and life after sea.

Chief Engineer: Responsibilities, Training, and Earnings

Explore the vital role of a Chief Engineer aboard a ship, learn about required training, and gain insight into potential earnings.

Seafarer Careers: Insights from EMSA's Latest Report

Explore key findings from the latest EMSA report, uncover opportunities and challenges in the maritime industry, and discover how Liveseas can help.

A Seafarer's Guide to the Digitalised Maritime Industry

Discover the key aspects of digitalisation in the maritime industry and learn how seafarers can embrace new technology, adapt and prepare for a success.

Cruise Ship Salaries: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the factors influencing cruise ship salaries and learn practical tips for boosting your income while enjoying a rewarding career in the cruise industry.

Top 11 Most Dangerous Tasks for Seafarers at Sea

From handling heavy loads to boarding and disembarking ships, learn essential safety tips and precautions to minimise risks and ensure a safer time at sea.

Safer Seas: Safety Advancements for the Shipping Industry

Discover how the merchant shipping industry has improved safety across various vessel types through advancements, regulations, and industry initiatives.

A Career at Sea: Your Guide to Joining the Cruise Industry

Discover how to pursue a fulfilling career in the cruise industry with our comprehensive guide, covering eligibility, roles, training, job search, and more.

Exploring Multiple Paths to a Career in the Merchant Navy

Explore the world of Merchant Navy careers with this in-depth guide on eligibility criteria, training programs, and career paths in the maritime industry.

Starlink: Revolutionising Internet Connectivity at Sea

Starlink transforms communication at sea, boosts operational efficiency, and addresses connectivity challenges in remote areas such as the polar regions.

Seafarer Salaries: A Guide to Industry, Rank and Ship Type

Explore this comprehensive guide on seafarer salaries, covering factors like industry, rank, ship type, and experience that influence earnings.

Navigating Maritime Emergencies: Ship Safety & Preparedness

The essentials of maritime emergency preparedness, including types of emergencies, training, international regulations, and best practices.

Rest & Recreation: Seafarers' Time Off and Mental Wellbeing

How seafarers spend their free time on board, how vacation periods work, and the importance of supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

The Unsung Heroes: The Galley Department on Cargo Ships

The responsibilities and challenges faced by the chief cook and messman, and the importance of their work in ensuring the wellbeing of the crew.

Ranks & Positions in the Engine Department of a Cargo Ship

Explore the ranks and responsibilities in the Engine Department of a ship. From Chief Engineer to Engine Cadet: requirements, day-to-day, and salary.

Ranks & Positions in the Deck Department of a Cargo Ship

Discover the roles within the Deck Department of a cargo ship. From Captain to Ordinary Seaman, learn about the responsibilities, day-to-day and compensation.

Connecting the High Seas: Internet on Ships

Can ships in the high seas access internet connectivity that is reliable? Learn about the different types of internet access available.