Frequently asked questions

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What is Liveseas?

Liveseas is a seafarer recruitment platform where seafarers, ship owning companies and manning agencies can connect with each other. Please note, Liveseas is not a manning agency.

How can I find work through Liveseas?

As soon as you reach 40% profile completion, you can start connecting directly with companies or applying for jobs.

Is Liveseas free?

Yes! Liveseas is free for all seafarers! For employers, we offer an always-free plan as well as paid plans.

Is seagoing experience necessary to find work on a ship?

Sea going experience is largely valued by employers, for the most part because it ensures you have all the pre-requisite paperwork in order. However, it is not obligatory, and you can still make a profile on Liveseas if you are looking to work on a ship for the first time.

How much do seafarers earn?

Salaries depend on industry, ship type and rank. Very roughly, someone with limited experience can expect around $1,000 per month while senior ranks with 10 years of sea time can earn more than $15,000 per month. Read our article on seafarer salaries for more detailed information.

How long are seafarer contracts / rotations?

Some companies prefer to permanently employ their seafarers while others treat them as contractors. In most cases, you can expect to work at sea from 3 to 9 months at a time. However, some rotations last a few weeks on ships such as small ferries.